Matthew P. Olson

Over the years I have been very forunate to receive grant money to improve schools and their science departments.  Listed below are the grants that I have been apart of at HBR and at Rockdale.  Please see Grant Coordinator for East Aurora grants.



2005   Big Rock Community Tech Grant   (HBR)                      $5000

*  Grant was given to for a movie camera computer in science room with commercial grade movie software.


2007 Best Buy Tech Award for classroom (HBR)                       $2500

*  Grant was for projector and computer for improved weather forecast in class.


2007 Best Buy Tech Award for school  (HBR)                         $15,000

* Grant for computers and equipment for school news on TV


2007 Private Anonymous Tech Grant (HBR)                        $5000

*  Grant was given to bring Learning Center Tech tools up to date.


2007 DCCF Science Room Grant (HBR)                                    $10,000

*Grant for updating science room to a lab.


2008 DCCF Grant for High School Tech (HBR)                        $5,000

* Grant for computer and equipment for news broadcasting at High School


2008 IL Solar School Award   (HBR)                                             $10,000

*Grant for Solar Panels School that feed into main electrical grid


2009 DCCF Grant for Golf –Baseball Cage  (HBR)             $1000


2009 – Big Rock Park District –Baseball Cage (HBR)            $3000

*Grant for batting cage in back gym


2010 NEA Go Green Grant (HBR)                                                $5000

   *  Add Wind Power to School and classroom labs 


2010  Wind Turbine (IL Clean Energy) (HBR)                       $10,000

            *  Add Wind Power to School 


2010   Interactive Board for Science Room (HBR)                       $3500

        *   Smart Board PTO Match Grant (HBR)                           $1000



2011  Solar Panel Expansion (Home Depot) (HBR)                       $1000                        

*Upgrade to 2kw solar system.           


2015 Ecolab Schools Grant (Rockdale) $3000

*STEM labs for Energy related topics and solar panels


2015  IL Clean Air and Energy Foundation (Rockdale)           ($8000)

*Add Solar panel system to school            

2015   Community Foundation of Will County (Rockdale)       ($8000)

*Add Wind Turbine and STEM education materials

2016 Air Force Association 2016 Educator Grant (Rockdale)  ($250 and materials)

*STEM Grant for building and testing rockets

2016 Ecolab Schools Grant (Rockdale) $1000

*STEM labs (Tech Senors for Chromebooks)

2016 LBSS Endownment Fund  (Rockdale) $1500

*Read for Information Grant for different level reading materials to enhance our science program to meet the challenges of all learners.  

2017 Target Field Trip Grant (Rockdale) $700

*Funding for field trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.