Grant Coordinator

  As a Grant Coordinator:

       Draft effective Grant Applications that states requirements and proposed utilization of funds

       Make certain the organization performs activities in view of the funder's grant guidelines

       Complete grant submission procedures as set by the funder and track the status of the grant applications

       Prepare budget plans to finalize the total amount required along with the details of budget allocation for executing each activity and making purchases


I worked over 20 grants in the Fall of 2012 and some of them include:

  • 21st Century Grant ($450,000)
  • TAP ( Truants' Alternative and Optional Education) ($93,000)
  • Valees ($218,000 and 93,000)
  • Dunham Fund ($660,000)
  • IMSA Fusion ($30,000)
  • Mebane Foundation ($20,000)
  • Westinghouse Foundation ($5,000)