"Getting Green"







“HBR Turning Greener even in the Winter”


Hinckley-Big Rock Middle School is pleased to announce the completion of their solar panel expansion project.  The Middle School added 1 kW to its existing 1kw system totaling a potential electrical output of 2 kW.  The solar panels were installed next to the existing solar panel system, which is on the roof outside the science lab. 


The electricity is feed into the grid and used by the school.  The data from the solar panels is collected and displayed on our school website (hbr429.org).  The data is used by students in the 8th grade curriculum as part of an energy unit.  Students compare the data from the school’s wind turbine, which was installed last year. The purpose of adding the solar panels was to match the electrical output of the wind turbine (2.4 kW).  Now students can compare apples with apples and draw better conclusions in comparing wind vs. solar as we explore alternative energy solutions.      


The project was made possible through fundraising through “Lights for Learning” and the cooperation from Home Depot of Yorkville.  “Lights for Learning” is a fundraiser where students learn about and sell CFL and LED light bulbs.  The panels where purchased with the help of Home Depot and installed by J and K Construction from Yorkville.  


HBR Middle School is one of only a handful of schools in Illinois that have both solar and wind energy.